Monday, 28 December 2009

The Ragabash!

The secret of being isolated

The contradiction between being extremely sociable from the outside and extremely isolated from the inside

The unbearable fact of being unpredictable

Nervously Calm!

The Ragabash

Born on a dark night...The Ragabash is the new moon

New mooners live their lives astonished by the light they missed on a full moon night

The new moon phase is the weakest of the phases yet the most mysterious in action..u can never be sure that what a new mooner says is the same as what he/she feels inside.

They are capable of keeping their distance

Attracting people in their shadows

Guiding and Misguiding

A new moon is much more fearsome than a full one...It is scary to think that the whole block of rocks exists in the dark but ur eyes still can't catch a glimpse of it

To be there and not there at the same time!

To engrave what u can't hide what u can't merely reflect!

I lived my life with phases...eclipsing and shining...or u can say reflecting emotions...depends on the situation!

Happy moments and clenching stomach feelings rarely show up...It has all been a mere reflection of what the moment brings u :)

I always cared more for what I hide than what I show and I must admit I still do care more for what people do not know!

My sun was in Capricorn...a lame goat

ambitious..always reaching high..trudging mountains


My Moon was in Sagittarius...the archer

Well, apparently, my moon is much stronger than my sun ...It is said that u work ur way towards ur sun qualities but u r already born with ur moon ones

The archer always hunts the goat

My archer is versatile, adaptable, confident and optimistic

They say HOPEFUL! (nice!)

Humorous and knowledge seeker...above all, adventurous!!

Hell! yeah a new moon is always a knowledge seeker...imagine how many discoveries u may meet on the road to darkness!...If u do not fear the dark, surely u can out live ur adventure!

I was never a light lover...Candles hold a wide place in my life...soft lights understands my mood swings rather than neon lights!

New moon resembles the beginning of a cycle
A cycle that will develop step by step till it shines with the reflection of what it has learned through out the years

New mooners are born weak and mysterious in a dark night and they die when they've completed their cycle.

New mooners fight their way through the darkness till they wax their crescent with ambition and grace. They reach their first quarter with the chill of youthfulness glittering in their eyes. Their over confidence assures their steps towards becoming a waxing gibbous. The Ragabash is now an Ahroun. A full moon that finally reached the light it was banned from seeing on the night it was born.

And then the time slips from beneath its rocks and it starts waning till it fades anew!

Opinionated and Indulgent

U can never force a new moon to reflect the light it can't see...and when it sleeps away in the darkness of the universe...dare not wake what u can't see!

A garou or a wolf gang do not dare trust a tactless, careless ragabash wolf, which is a wolf born on new moon night...though they are seduced by its charms

Natural seducer

I fear the subconscious
My Mind is always awake


High sense of smelling!


A new moon is feared because it stands between the earth and the holds back the light...It reflects the gloominess of a world the universe dare not approach.

A new moon holds a real face of a rocky surface...a surface that the world would only care to believe in except through the projected sun light...through a fake light!

Strange enough that I was always called Moon only by my dad...The one I was never close too...The one I resemble the most...Even in my lack of Nostalgia!

I was born on the 7th of a wolf moon (January) on a dark night (Ragabash)

I was the beginning of something, I dare not think how it may end!


Wishing u a howling 2010

© Moon 2009

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