Friday, 4 December 2009

I am God's Bohemian little Girl :)

Do u know I never watch religious channels

I close my windows every Friday noon because of the Religious hierarchy shouting their throats out in the mosque in my street

I can't bear hearing the call for prayer because of their lousy voices

Did not My Prophet (PBUH) give the honour of calling for prayer to Belal because of his angelic voice!

Doesn't this ring any bell????????

I don't pray often because of people urging me to if I am praying for them!

That sometimes I get the feeling of holding the mic of any mosque send a universal message saying:

"One way or another, the whole nation knows already about the importance of praying...about tight jeans and extreme make up issues...about the Algerian fuss and the burning of our flag...about adultery and prostitution spreading like a plague...about the national deterioration we are all suffering from!
You will not exorcise those demons by please lower ur voices...I am not deaf!"

But I never leave home at those times...and I never take the mic!

Lately, I became scared to meditate...I fear those 10 silent minutes with God!

I know He'll hear me...and I'll be sorry for doing stupid stuff and following lots of shit...but no...NO!




If I'm going to start a new chapter with God..then I have to have a base..and this base is MY base and not the whole Islamic nation's base...not even the Christio-Islamic base...and definitely, not the Jewi-Christio-Islamic One!

First I have to lay it down plain, simple and honest!

Dear God,

I would like to thank You for coping with my lousy attitude for quite a long time.

I would like to thank You for making me who I am, with all the good, the bad and the intermediate (though I know myself as an extremist) crap I have in my head and my heart!

My Lord, I would like to submit my wish list for 2010...ok, here we go:

1. I want the people who call for prayer to shut up and be replaced by others who were granted a much more inspiring voice.

2. I want them to stop shouting in the mosques whenever they are granted the opportunity.

3. I want them to stop gathering 10000000000 Muslim and 10000000000 christian separately in facebook groups to see which religion wins the most votes around the world.

4. I want them to stop focusing on all the verses that call for heaven and hell, the do and the don't ones, the veil and the neqab, the devil and the afterlife!

And to concentrate more on inspiring people how to live together in harmony, peace, love and brotherhood!

5. I want them to focus on how God is good, not on how his punishment is inescapable!

6. I want them to talk to me about how angels guard me, not how they write down my sins!

7. I want them to replace their saying of "Fear God, He's watching u" by "Love God, He's guarding u"

8. I want them to tell me that You take me as I am, You wait for me and on me, and You sleep not just to protect me!
To tell me for once Your Holy Verse:واصبر لحكم ربك فإنك بأعيننا

9. May be I just do not want to think of Your frowning face if I sinned...and prefer to imagine Your laughter when I blow You a kiss in the air!

10. Last but not least, I would like You to know that I will always be Your Bohemian Little Girl :)

I love You Dear Lord,
Your Little Moon

4th December 2009

© Moon 2009

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  1. I can't imagine how did we both the exact same thoughts, the only difference is that u can write them down beautifully that it brought tears to my eyes

    Thanks again,