Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Come around my Hell!

I keep some pet demons around my head, and I must admit not all of them are high class Lucifers. some of which are pretty much a bourgois hypocrites and the rest are merely hazards of lustful licentious devils.

I may allow you to consider me the Siren of such bunch :)

Not quite similar to Queen of Sheba, but the majestic creme dela creme of the hierarchy!

Angels exist, but I prefer not to speak about them, they always stick to the same old regulations..u know!

Pretty angelic, pretty simple, pretty nice, pretty sweet, pretty kind, pretty wise...and all the pretty pious etcs u may think of!

Angels are angels..angels do not risk

Angels are, to ALL extent, obedient!

OK! Let's go back to hell!

My demons are intellectual. they read books. they listen to french music. they drink coffee. they write notes!...they fall in love with serpents and they light candles at night!

I don't keep a huge fire place as hell...that's the afterlife version...excuse me, I am not dead yet!!

My hell is a mental asylum that the mind dare not approach. it's an imaginary place that stings u like a scorpion and sucks ur blood like a leech. it stands there in the middle of ur mind, tangling the veins of ur brain, tempting u with its gates, glittering with ideas u never thought existed.

Let's pretend u're strong enough to step closer and unlock the gates with an idea like "I am different"...(that's an example, u don't have to believe urself)

u will be welcomed and shown the way of Hell Library with great yet feverish hospitality. when u reach the Book House safely, u will be left alone with some of my diabolic archfiends who will show u around every book in the reading sanctuary.

Bram Stoker will give way to George Orwell, then Kafka will steal the show. Shelly and her Monster will introduce Bronte who will wink to Poe to get u ready for the fun, and after that the russian gang will break through ur arteries like a typhoon. Believe me, u won't like to get trapped in a chapter of a Dostoevsky ,a Gogol, a Bulgakov or a Nabokov book. they work on ur adrenaline, u lose breath. Dictionaries won't help here!

Forgot to tell u, no romantic books are allowed there, wise up honey, they don't make love in hell!

when u're done with literature...u will be offered a coffee break with Hitler and my Communist boys, until the Fascists are done from the loo...

after whipping the skin of ur brain and boiling ur good intentions in the Holocaust of their fuming revolutions, u will go back in time to forget ur misery with my greek wizards!

those guys are pretty hilarious...lots of gods fighting together, a godness coming out of her papa's head, another kid marrying his mum and of course they'll give u a souvenir of a wooden horse to ornament ur bedroom, if u were able to go back to ur bedroom at the end :)

at that time u will suffer severe constipation..u'll need the loo..don't be embarrassed this is human nature!

Palahniuk, McEwan, Hemple, Suzack and Thomas Harris will brain wash u and hang u to dry over the toilet windows...Modern Laundry Service!

Sir Belzebub, one of my chief devils, will be honoured to take u up one level where u are going to face ur first quest and meet ur parents!

I know, now u're different!

u're enlightened!

u're free!

SHUT UP..U follow ur own head (which is by now full of crappish nightmares) and u don't know what's best for u and by the way...U NEVER LISTEN! (they've got a point, I mean imagine urself talking to them about 44 year old Humbert who fell in love with 12 year old Lolita in a book of russian Nabokov sort of thing and believe me they'll think u're a pervert!)

Tell them Masochism leads logically to Sadism and they'll believe u're a crazy sexaholic (religiously moving in the road of adultry)who needs a psychiatrist, a shiekh and a priest to bring u back on the tack of God!

Tell them Socialism is the transitional phase between Capitalism and Communism and they'll staple ur lips together for fear of getting politically jailed for life!

Mephestophilis, One of my closest demons, he was there when Faustus sold his soul to Lucifer, will help u rise up another level to face....


If u out lived the quest of society..I will be more than glad to receive u in my very own personal private chamber where I will purify ur Sullen soul, which by now will be as sullen as a rotten egg, to meet My dearest protector,(I always leave the best to the last..and I thought u were starting to think that angels do not exist anymore!),....

Archangel Azrael!

© Moon 2009