Sunday, 7 February 2010

The Frog in me!

She's dusty and a little bit rusty

With no mirrors in her bedroom...She wears furry slippers and falls in love with serial killers

she eats 12 pieces of sushi in a row and drinks 5 cups of milk a day

she reads psychoanalytical fiction that clings around ur brain with a taste of blood

she won't like u if u loved her first but she would fall for u if u didn't love her back

she's the owl of every wrong fairy tale

The sleeping beauty of every horror movie...falling in love with villains

she's the one with the mysterious aura

who stays awake all night

The adult who brushes her teeth with a baby tooth brush

She's the childish seducer who would enchant u with her innocent smile and despises u for the rest of her life for giving in to her feminine nature

The one who sleeps with a three angels' picture above her head and an ugly gnome portrait right in front of her bed

The one who doesn't like flowers because they die quickly leaving no legacy behind to be remembered for

The one who always sees herself as the "fool" in a tarot deck

The one with the 3 swinging moods...dark, bright and being just stuck between the two moods makes her eclipse around her axis with nowhere to go and nothing to do but suffocate

The Moon-Light Rex

The pathetic little princess which is stuck in the dreams of every wishing frog

© Moon 2010

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